math :/

another month! so much learning and so little posting! but i was in thailand for 3 weeks. where instead of ignoring both my blog and my learning, I just ignored my blog.

and wrote such exciting programs as…

“what time is in in san francisco right now?”


“a program which yells at you if you don’t type in all caps”

seriously guys, i’m on my way.

but really actually seriously, i am getting on my way. every day i experience the simultaneous joy of realizing how far i’ve come and frustration of how far i have to go.

and somewhere in between those things is a less extreme realization. what you’re actually ACTUALLY really shitty at.

which brings me to today’s post: MATH

i can’t remember if i mentioned this in my inaugural post and i’m too lazy to look, but the reason I didn’t get into this when i SHOULD HAVE back in college was because of honors calculus. Like the elitist I was then and am now, I was too good for the dumbed down  “business calculus” class that my finance degree suggested. And as an honor student, I was also too good for regular calculus. So Kari enrolled in honors calc, only to develop emotional complexes with math, having been the only one dumb enough to take the class without having taken calc at some point before.

Long story short, they went too fast and I worked harder for that B- (my only B in college btw) than I ever worked before or since, up until I took on programming.

And thus I thought I sucked at math. and felt justified giving up computer science before I really tried.

and then i slowly crept into programming. inching my way, unintentionally for years. driven by an obsession for organized problem solving. a need to define myself as “a smart one.” a love of automation. a passion for creating things.

and then….

i started doing algorithms. working through problems from coworkers, friends, books.

and mother fuck, if my math shit isn’t coming back to haunt me.

granted, I was at a coding interview talk tonight and the speaker (hai gayle) asked how many people had ever used a binary tree in their professional career, and 2 people raised their hand.

STILL! this shit that i fear I am too visual for haunts me. these arbitrary concepts and theorems and formulas!

so here comes the fun part. where i self-deprecate using examples 🙂

hokay so *today* i fucked up a midpoint formula. so like, the loops were perfect, the variables well named, the approach was sound. but where was the bug? well i forgot how to fucking calculate a midpoint between 2 numbers.

so once i debug it, realize where the error is and REFUSE to google the answer, I spent 16 minutes drawing pictures of number lines, reversing out the stupid formula.

btw- (n1 + n2) / 2

anyway, i had more examples but I spent all day doing recursion and it’s midnight and i’m tired of looking at my laptop (even tho it’s all flu.x-y golden)

night nerds.