Scripting and Louboutins- The inaugural post

The requisite explanation entry, which no one ever reads, assuming you’ve done a good job naming your blog.

However, there’s a few different angles this could be coming from, so I’ll attempt to give this little project a well-deserved introduction.

I’m a girl. and i’m learning to code. and there aren’t a ton of people trying to learn this stuff from scratch. and it’s hilarious. and i need a place to vent. and completely geek out. and my friends (most of whom are programmers) find my little “rants” amusing. so maybe there are people out there afraid to ask really really dumb questions to really really smart people. i’m not one of those people. and i really really enjoy going against the hipster grain. asking a car full of people what song is playing, and then following up by asking what else Mumford and Sons have done.

maybe moving to Seattle after of college was a culture shock of people pretending to know things they didn’t know. and i relished the friendships spawned from a “thank you for asking, i had no idea what they were talking about either.”

and now that i’m a financial analyst for a start up in Silicon Valley, I’ve found a new breed of hipsters; the engineer. The overworked, too smart for his own good, well-dressed, bikes to work, built his own wireless stereo system in his cement-walled Soma Loft, knows more about Sushi than you, engineer.

But being a girl has one important advantage. Anything technical I do is disproportionately impressive . and I can milk the “aw she wants to learn linux” out of my friends for at least the next few years.

and so, i’m starting a blog because you too should be frustrated when stackedoverload doesn’t clearly explain which part is the code and which part you have to fill in your own variables for. and you too should giggle the first time you make your computer talk to you. and you too should realize that shitty part of your job can probably be automated.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m writing this inaugural post at work on a Friday, watching tmux tutorials in a polka dot dress, pearls and Christian Louboutins, killin an hour because i wrote a script that runs every query i need for the next week.


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