Day 1

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.55.21 PM

so there ya go.

389 days ago i started this blog to recount my adventures in learning to program. and now i guess the real work starts.

normally i’m weary of pride, feels like tempting karma to fuck with you. but i’m gonna allow a moment.

i love accomplishing things. i like winning when the odds are not in my favor. i live for things that look “impressive” and this feels like a big win.

there are 2 moments i can recall feeling that warm fuzzy “it’s all gonna be okay” glow of accomplishment. the first was my first night in seattle. i moved from florida without a job or any money and the first night in my apartment i slept on the floor with my dog looking out at the city and felt this wave of excitement.

the second was during my band’s cd release party for our second album. we had tracked an acoustic version of a single from our first record with a full strings quartet and we played it live at the show. at that point i was pretty used to performing but something about the stillness in the room and the connection i felt while singing with the strings. no one spoke or moved or went to the bathroom or the bar. just stared at me and i felt like i was singing a lullaby to 100 of my own children. it was an insane feeling.

and at the risk of following up that beautiful artistic moment by talking about a new job…

okay moment over. time to go “crush it” as they say.


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